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Struggle and Solving Procrastination

Gears of War 3

Put the controller down. Get to work.

Do you procrastinate?

If you do, that’s because we evolved to conserve our energy. We wear jackets to conserve energy when we are cold. We eat when we are hungry to replenish energy. We resist working to save energy.

Organisms have evolved over millions of years surviving off the principle of energy conservation. Now refueling our bodies has never been easier. The convenience of modern technology gives us the opportunity to replenish our bodies whenever we need. We don’t have to chase our food, risk eating poisonous nuts and berries, or settle on leaves and insects for nourishment.

In the wilderness, animals struggle to survive. Finding food is difficult. Weather is harsh. Animals fight to maintain their territory. Humans are not unlike animals. Our survival follows the same rules. To survive in our world, we must struggle. We share this fight with animals, although ours is different. Technology sets us apart. Brazilian capuchin monkeys use stones to dig for food. We turned stones into shovels, buildings, arrows, and jewelry. Technology’s transformation provides us with a luxury of convenience.

First-world citizens have forgotten the discomfort of survival. As technology evolves, our definition of survival evolves. In the beginning we were comfortable with food, shelter, and water. Today, these necessities are innate. As a result, we redefine the necessities of life. We want to eat at expensive restaurants. We want to live in Malibu mansions. We want to drink fancy Italian sparkling water. Everyone wants to be successful. The new definition of survival is success. In order to survive, we must thrive.

Before we can achieve the height of success, we must learn to fly.

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