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Hacking Happiness: Redefining Alive (or 39+ Ways to Love Life)

1. Be grateful

Take a minute and be thankful for everything you have in you life. Don’t limit yourself. Count your blessing. Be thankful for every sense, every limb, and both eyes.

2. Stop comparing yourself to everyone.

So much of our unhappiness stems from thinking others are better than us. Know you are going in the right direction. Stop thinking that others are better than you. You have everything you will ever need. Trust me.

3. Breathe.

Breathe in………….. Breathe out…………………………………

Inhale for three seconds. Briefly hold it. Exhale for six seconds. Focus your attention on the breath going in and out of your diaphragm. Repeat until happy. This exercise can bring you plenty of joy.

4. Stand Up with correct posture

Stand up and stand straight. Square your shoulders, lift your chest, and look ahead or up. Stop looking down at your feet and slouching. Sitting for long periods is no good….so GET UP!

5. Smile

Make yourself smile and force your muscles to relax. Do this after your breathing exercises. I guarantee you can’t be sad when you are smiling. It’s impossible.

6. Exercise vigorously

Take some time (10 or 15 minutes) and exercise. Try and get your heart rate moving by running, swimming, sprinting, or jumping up and down.

7. Laugh

Watch something funny like a comedy movie or TV sitcom. Get your friend to tell you a joke. Read a comic strip. Relax and laugh a bit of that stress off.

8. Volunteer

Volunteer your time towards a good cause like a local soup kitchen, children’s hospital, or community event. Just make sure its a positive environment. Help others for a change and don’t worry about the money.

9. Share

Share something special with someone. It can be anyone. Tell them a secret or idea, give them a piece of that cake you are hoarding in the fridge, or let them hear a song from your new secret band. Share the wealth.

10. Help a stranger

This one’s simple. Help someone you do not know, preferably someone who needs it. Buy a homeless person some new shoes, help an old lady cross the street, or be there for someone who looks like they need a helping hand.

11. Take action

Do something, anything. Start the book that you have been wanting to write. Train for the marathon you have always wanted to run. Take initiative to do the things you have been procrastinating. You will feel so much happier when they are done.

12. Set goals

Set a small daily goal and make that your priority. If accomplishing this goal brings you joy, then work your way up to bigger goals.

13. Read

Read anything: non-fiction, fiction, magazine, or comic book. Just make sure you are excited to pick up the book and read it. Put down the textbook and read something fun.

14. Eat fruit

I recommend eating some fruit for breakfast. Try it and see if you feel better tomorrow.

15. Create

Be creative. Make art. (I am really excited about this.)

16. Be inspired.

Find something that inspires. Anything that makes your feel “full of spirit” or inspiration will do wonders.

17. Organize

Remove the clutter off your desk, organize your room, or clean the trash our of your car.

18.Learn something new.

Research the answer to a question you do not know. Here’s one: What is that plastic thing on the end of shoelaces called? For those who don’t have time, here you go.

19. Understand your purpose

What is the purpose of your job, car, or friends? Is this hurting or helping you?

20. Make someone else happy.

Do something genuine. (You could send them this.)


Forgive yourself for making a mistake. Forgive someone else because they made a mistake. We are not perfect.

22. Meditate

Close your eyes, be still, breathe, and relax for five minutes.

23. Give

Give someone something, give anyone anything. But, give. Stop trying to be on the receiving end all the time. Give to others.

24. Commit a random act of kindness

The key here is random. Pay for the person behind you at Starbucks.

25. Write down everything you are frustrated about in a notebook.

When something bothers you, write it down. Release negative energy in a constructive way.

26. Do something you don’t think you can do.

Try a food you don’t think you like. Run farther than you think you can. Challenge yourself. You might be surprised.

27. Remember, people are inherently good.

Despite all the horrible things we see on TV, people mean well. Why else do we love our pets so much and feel empathy for others. How else could we have abolished slavery in America and give women the right to vote?

28. Live in the Now.

Just be. Sit still and calm your mind. Remember to breathe.

29. Live today like its your last.

This is basically the same meaning as above, but more familiar.

30. Drop the meat and potatoes

Skip eating meat for a day and see how you feel. Quit filling up on heavy carbohydrates like white potatoes and french fries and see how you feel. It might just feel wonderful. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day.

31. Get some fresh air.

Step out of the polluted city. Escape to a local forest, mountain, or river and enjoy the fresh air.

32. Tell someone what they mean to you.

Tell someone special how important they are to you.

33. Be honest

Be honest for an entire day. Tell the truth to yourself and others.

34. Use your senses.

Taste, touch, smell, hear, and see how great life is around you. It is so easy to forget the beauty surrounding us.

35. Talk a walk

Walk to the store, walk around the block, walk in the park. Try walking for an hour and clearing your mind.

36. Be quiet

Stop talking, inside and out. Listen for silence.

37. Know you have everything you will ever need

Know that you are alive. Isn’t this enough?.

38. You are more than your belongings.

You are more than your house, car, and clothes. Don’t get caught up in materials.

39. Be present

Live each day at a time. Stop thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. It will come soon enough.


Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed writing this, please let me know if you enjoyed reading this by sharing it with your family and friends or by leaving a comment below.