4 Inspiring TED Talks For Creative Geniuses

Be warned each TED talk is about 15-20 minutes. They are all highly recommended for anyone searching to explore or expand their creativity. I hope they pump you up!

1. Elizabeth Gilbert: author of Eat, Pray, Love wows the TED crowd by sharing thoughts on where creativity stems from and how to be a genius…

2. Ken Robinson: author of Out Of Our Minds explores how schools and public education are destroying creativity and innovation. Uncertain about becoming an artist? Prove everyone wrong by taking the creative route of the future. Watch this.

3. Yves Behar: inventor/innovator who has created stunning product designs for Herman Miller and Jawbone’s revolutionary bluetooth headset. I have been a fan of his work for some time now. I recommend watching this video if you are a creative designers. Others may want to save some time and pass. Personally, I love his idea for Y-water. Creating fun, organic beverage solutions for children should be more mainstream.

4. Adam Savage: the host of “MythBusters” treats TED with his delightful, creative obsessions. I saved the best for last. I gave him a literal round of applause from my room. This talk is an absolute treat that will motivate everyone.


What were your favorite quotes from the TED talks?

Let’s talk about them below.

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