Always Be Creating : The New ABC’s of Well-Being (Or How I Found The Artist’s Way)


All of these are synonyms.


Create something today.

No matter what you do, no matter where you are, and regardless of what it is:

Simply create.

Bring life into the world.


Do it as soon as you get up.

Or, before you go to bed.

Substitute that extra couch time during the afternoon by producing something original in a dramatic fashion.

Express yourself by any means.

Even if you have to reupholster that ugly couch underneath you, do it.

Make it beautiful.


When was the last time, you allowed yourself a taste of freedom?

When was the last time you let go and enjoyed being truly yourself?

Have you lost your inner artist?


In the 21st century, no activity is more essential to living a meaningful life than being creative.

The motto is elementary: ABC.

Always be creating.


To begin your creation process, remember, it doesn’t really matter what you are creating/making as long as you start by taking the first step.

Here are a few motivators to get you started.


The Benefits of Always Being Creative


ABC is your greatest gift.

Being creative is an opportunity to express your individuality.

It’s your chance to add meaning to your life.

It’s giving yourself a better reason to wake up and begin working on something you actually enjoy doing.

It’s your chance to bring an idea to fruition.

Our creative potential is the power to change the world.


ABC is a mini-vacation.

Undertaking new projects and culminating innovative ideas will eliminate boredom and relieve you of that rushed feeling of driving back and forth to work all week.

Entering into your creative process stops time, rejuvenates the mind, and opens the door to infinite possibilities. Under the creative lens, anything becomes possible leaving you feeling inspired, refreshed, and full of energy.

In your new state of mind, the outside world slows down giving you ample time to focus on yourself. Drop the habit of worrying and feel the freedom and liberation that comes from artistic expression.

Oh, and exploring the creative side of yourself is going to be extremely relaxing.


ABC maximizes productivity.

Every moment is an opportunity that can be applied to your creative process.

You are always practicing, gaining deeper insight in your social circles, and thinking of innovative ideas.

By always being creative, every experience can be applied to your creative activities.

The specifics of what you are doing no longer matter when you are dedicated and involved in the creative process.


Creativity is connection.

Creative energy can be felt, touched, and aroused.

It allows us a chance to work on a deeper and more intimate level of our being than our typical day to day desk jobs ever inspire us to achieve. We are so focused on working and playing characters in front on the corporate stage that we forget about our real identities. You know, the part of us that still has feelings, dreams, and a desire to change the world.

We can overcome our fears.

Most of us are hesitant to express “who we really are” in front of others for fear of rejection. We think we are too weird or different for their taste. Our instinctual desire is to be accepted into groups of our peers.

By allowing the creative process to become an outlet for our unique self-expression, creativity will help us to overcome these irrational fears and mature. Putting our nervous energy into our creative work, we can begin to open up and show people another part of us that we are normally scared to talk about in casual conversation.

Doing this will show us that we are not as weird as we think; there are plenty of others out there just like us!

ABC also means being super-productive.

If finding some down time for yourself seems farfetched, or you are scared of testing the creative waters, I hope you will keep in mind that ABC is quite easy.

We do it all the time –in our heads.

Our biggest mistake is that we never transmute our imaginative thought into the world of physical form and service where we can share it with other people and add value to their lives, therefore increasing the value to our own.

By giving, we set our path to receive.

After putting enough value back into the world, it has no choice but to pay us our worth. And for you, this means more dollars at the end of the month.

But, before we can earn an additional paycheck off being creative, we have to get in touch with our creative side.


Finding the Habit of ABC


Start by refreshing yourself.

Pick an enjoyable activity, or a relaxing subject, or perhaps an abstract idea that you are passionate about exploring.

Do something different than usual.

Eat lunch at the park, acknowledge your neighbor by saying hello and smiling, or take a walk around the neighbor.

Start by making something that motivates you to jump out of the bed tomorrow with excitement.


Take a chance.

Take the first step into the unknown.

Dive in, hands first, by constructing your new idea immediately and begin building something original.

Don’t spend too long contemplating what you are going to do. As a matter of fact, don’t think about starting at all.

Stop thinking.

Jump in the creative pool and get to it!

Sink or swim.


Become inspired.

Design a new vision for your life.

Redefine your definition of alive.

All of this can be done by finding out what inspires you.

Begin mimicking the work of others that you admire.

Pick your favorite authors, artists, or designers.

Find out everything you can about them.

Begin imitating their style until you find your own flavor.

Learn to borrow, copy, counterfeit, and steal like an artist.

Paint a picture, record a song, film a video, cook a new recipe, practice a new skill, build something with your hands, or plant a garden in your front yard.

Let your stress and energy pour out of your body/mind and into your creative endeavors.


Hit reset.

Change your frame of mind.

Try to avoid thinking about this pessimistically.

Imagine that this as an artistic experiment.

And you are a mad scientist artist.

Create a mental mixture of your personal interests, unique passions, and odd desires that can be combined, synthesized, and brought to life.

Now, dump your imaginative paint onto a canvas and start playing with it.


Ask intuitive questions like:

What are you passionate about?

What stirs your soul, motivates you to action, and makes your heart beat faster with excitement?

What was a job you always thought about doing, but never believed you could make enough money to support yourself doing?

What dreams did you put on hold because you weren’t optimistic about their realization?

Try and forget about money for a minute, what would you prefer to do if money was never an option?

I encourage you to explore each of the questions and write down their answers.

They will point you in the right direction.


Be novel in your approach, but remember everything is recycled.

Make tons of mistakes and you will learn there are none to be made.

Learn about who you really are by creating something special.

Have a blast making new things.

Now, start writing that novel you have been thinking about, form a jam band where you are the lead singer, combine some crazy dance moves into a new way to workout, start your own website, or practice your DJ skills.

Just be creative.

Give it shot.

Do it, everyday.

Give yourself a chance at making some art.

After a while, try to create things that not only add purpose and constructive energy to your day, but also add value to the lives of others.

Design something that will inspire them to change the way they live or create a solution to one of their many problems.

When you finish, share it with others.

Begin showing your work to everyone or simply start by showing one person you trust.

Introduce your art to a stranger, best friend, neighbor, or even your little brother.

It’s perfectly normal to be hesitant about sharing our initial works with others.

Our first, second, or third attempt will be far from satisfactory.

Know this ahead of time and take plenty of time to practice, hone your skills, make being creative into a solid habit, and build self-confidence about your work.

After accomplishing this, you should have all you need to share your ideas.

The ultimate reward for always being creative is to opportunity to change someone’s life, fulfill your dreams, or even make some additional cash off your creative ideas.


If you are already making some money off your creative endeavors, leave a comment at the top and share your ideas. Drop me a link and leave some advice for other readers on how to get started or just let me know what you are doing. I would love to check out your art!


For once, stop thinking. Take a chance and create something new.

When you start believing in yourself, you will begin creating.

….or maybe it’s the other way around.

Either way, as soon you start, it’s all going to work out.

I promise.

Stay productive and remember your new ABC’s.

You will be surprised at the value they will add to your life.

Beginning, of course, is always the most difficult part.

Taking the first step requires courageous action.

The moment you decide to share your work with others may seem even more difficult.

It’s not.

Overcoming the first step is as simple as all the others.

Just do it.

Not as many people are watching as you think.

Be courageous.

Stay calm.



I would like to add, Julia Cameron has an amazing book about finding your creative process called, The Artist’s Way

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the four videos on being a creative genius check them out here.

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