Thank you so much  for deciding to contact me.

I could be anywhere in the world (and in a completely different time zone) but I promise to return your email as soon as humanly and geographically possible.


For professional services: contact for the fastest response time.

I am available for interviews, guest speaking, lectures, conferences, workshops, and other work-related opportunities. Please include any essential details in your primary email.

Personal and business consulting are available upon request and can be location independent.

An integrated, individual life balance/management course is now open for applicants. If you are interested in participating, apply immediately. This is a new course and space is limited to only a few individuals in order to create a more intimate and educational atmosphere. Courses are individually focused and highly-customizable. Certain conditions apply.

Payment for any of the services above is reasonably negotiable and in some situations may be entirely free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. There’s more to life than money.


For something more personal: feel free to leave a comment on a post you like, hit me up on Google+ (maybe we can Hangout or Chat), or Twitter. Hit the links at the top.

As of now, I am accepting and responding to personal questions through the email above. Please know that I am quite busy; however, I will make time to respond to your questions appropriately. Please be patient and understanding.

Depending on my location, I’d love to meet up and grab a coffee somewhere (that is, if I’m not too busy or have prior obligations:)

But to be honest, I’ll always make time for an extra shot of espresso and a chance to meet someone new.


Other services:

Due to prior success in leading teams across various industries and my creative experience, both personally and with starting and developing this site, I am available as a creative director/consultant.

I’m also interested in getting into voice narration. If anyone is interested in giving me a shot, I’d love to set something up.

For either of these services, use the above email address and dedicate the subject line as “Other services.”

Thank you for your consideration.