Who are you? And what makes you the expert?

My name is Stephan Stansfield, I live in Asheville, NC but that could change.

I am always moving around. I travel, read, and write. I stopped believing in retirement in 2010.

Since then, I quit my corporate job and committed to living a balanced life, particularly one worth living, filled with enjoyment, satisfaction, and challenge.

I prefer to not call myself an expert, which is an abused and overrated term. Instead, I consider myself an experiencer: I experiment with life. I believe life should be lived. I know that this simple sounding statement seems repetitive, but it serves as a easy reminder. I believe most of us have forgotten to be thankful for our greatest daily gift, life.

Living is about the quantity of quality experiences- a bit of a tongue twister, I know; but, I hope it gets you thinking. I do not claim to be an expert on life, but I love to argue against those who do. Tell them to shoot me an email or let me know what you think, I would love to speak with you: (Stephan@peregrinepoise.com).

Peregrine Poise serves as the primary outlet for my experiences, lessons, triumphs, and failures. If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough.



What is Peregrine Poise about?

Peregrine Poise was created for people who believe in personal power. The site was created to research, explore, and publish articles on the art of human potential.

Peregrine Poise offers frequent articles on improving the human mind and body through five focuses: ability; optimization; transformation; communication; and education.

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What does Peregrine Poise mean?

Everyone is familiar about the speed and precision of a peregrine falcon: they are the fastest member of the animal kingdom reaching speeds of approximately 200 mph. While diving at full speed, they can deliver powerful blows to their prey, catching them in mid-flight. These rare birds have a unique skill.

And, so do you.

We all do, but…

This site is not about birds. Even though the cultural significance of peregrine falcons is quite interesting, the context of this site hints at something larger and more definitive, in our case, the word peregrine means “having a tendency to wander” or going from place to place.

We are all peregrines. We are moving faster now than ever before. We go from place to place and worry about things beyond our control. Our minds wander aimlessly from thought to thought. We strive to find the meaning of life, but often end up confused and frustrated.

Poise points to better solutions for living.

Life’s purpose and by its mere definition is “to live.”

We forget this truth.

Poise is simple, but deep.

Life is evolving at an exponential speed.

We are connecting with each other faster than ever.

Poise acts as an equilibrium, a unique stillness in the speed of life. It brings confidence, courage, and clarity, face to face, with an uncertain world. It is powerful; a comfortable change. Poise is a philosophy of life that requires dedication, determination, and consistency. Poise is the perfect counterweight for those who are searching for something more out of life.

I hope we can discover poise together.

Prepare yourself.

It’s time to find a better way to live.

Embrace the moment, let’s begin.