Focusing Like An Optimist (or Making Today Count)

“Positive thinking is no longer something for drifters and dreamers.”

-Leo Bormans

How many people do you know that constantly worry?

How many people do you know who hate their job or complain constantly about their wife and kids?

These type of people believe they are special and everyone has it out to get them.It’s time to put a label on these people and understand where our place among them lies.

There are two types of people in the world: optimists and pessimists.

Realists are essentially pessimists who can’t admit it.

When was the last time you woke up at thought, “Today’s going to be a great day?”

Optimists start the day with a positive mindset. They focus on the things that matter most like family and friends. The important stuff that others don’t have time for is a priority for the optimist: creating quality relationships now, instead of later. They appreciate what they have instead of what they don’t have or want. They focus on the present instead of the past.

Optimists do what others won’t. They know better than to watch Fox News. It’s a waste of time; optimists maximize their energy for effective effort. Optimists understand that today’s action is tomorrow’s treasure.

Pessimists never make today count. They are too busy worrying about themselves to think about helping others. Pessimists love gossip, worry, and fear. They have scared themselves into an inability to act. They cannot do anything except wait for an optimist to come along and save them from themselves.

Focusing like an optimist is easy if you ask the right questions:

Are you thinking about the bigger picture?

Optimists think about how their plans will benefit others before themselves.

Are you focusing on the problems of the past?

If so, stop it. Accept the past and move on. The future ahead shines bright with opportunity.

Are you working your life away?

Optimists know that work and life are deeply connected. Success in one area determines the success in the other. Optimists understand that rest is essential and improves our ability to perform our jobs well.

Are you worried about tomorrow?

Optimists never worry about the future. There is too much potential in today to focus on the future. Optimists have faith and hope in their projects. They know they will find a way to success. They don’t spend time worrying about failure.

Take the time and ask yourself, “Is today going to be a great day?

Below is an excellent TED talk from Leo Bormans, an author, editor, and  master of optimism. His book Geluk: The World Book of Happiness is an International Best-Seller. His free talk is only 17 minutes long, but well worth it. In the video, he discusses the three meanings of “Namaste,” how to measure harmony, and answers the question “is the glass half full or empty?”

Leo Borman’s TEDxTalk


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