Focusing On You: How To Reflect At The End of The Day

We spend countless hours obsessing about the lives of others.

The Kardashian’s family drama doesn’t add a useful second to our lives. The war in the Middle East has been going on for centuries, yet we feel the need to worry about the news on the TV as if it directly affects our lives. The bad habits of our loved ones continually strike an uncomfortable nerve in us. It’s easier for us to judge them than to focus on fixing our own bad habits: like judging them in the first place. It is easier for us to be distracted by the supposed great lives of others than to work towards building an amazing life to call our own. We fail to recognize that the faults we see in others are our own.

Rarely do we take the time to reflect on our own progress. Our attention spans are too short. Our will power is too weak. We try constantly to shortcut success by putting the horse before the cart. It is difficult to face the facts for our own lack of success in life. Our finger is too busy pointing the wrong way.

To solve this issue, I propose a few important questions we should be asking ourselves at the end of the day. These simple questions, if used regularly, will bring great focus to our lives.

Ask yourself at the end of each day:

“What have I done today?”

“Who have I helped live a moment better?”

“How have I improved, even just a little bit, today?”

“How did I spend my time today?”

“What do I have to show for myself?”

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Why am I really here?”

It’s not a bad idea to start each morning off by reviewing yesterday’s answers. Reflecting each morning may help you start the day off on the right foot and focus on what you really want out of life.

One simple challenge that can be fun and rewarding is attempting to improve upon the prior day’s answers. This can be very helpful towards achieving any goal.

You see, it’s not the end of the day that really matters, it’s what you are doing right now that makes all the difference to your answers.


About Stephan Stansfield

Stephan is the owner, creator, and editor of Peregrine Poise.
He is currently traveling and teaching around the world. When he is not helping others discover their true potential, he finds time to surf, read, and reflect on the important issues of living a good life.

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