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Peregrine Poise is proud to be powered by dāna which is essentially, generosity.

The majority of Western society is unfamiliar to the act of alms-giving and to be fair, I’m not asking for hand-outs. I honestly enjoy researching, writing, and educating others through this website. I created this website as a tool for discovery, creativity, and exploration of the human potential. In my own journey of maturation, I’ve decided to be more generous, to give to others, and to try and educate those who will listen and at the very least enjoy my writing style.

In Christianity, this is known as the Gift of Knowledge or

Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity.

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I am trying something unique in that I want to escape the western debt norm and create something from nothing but hard work, dedication. This is akin to creating my own doctorate, any and all support will be so appreciated.

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