Starting and Finishing (The Whole Secret to Completion)

Start and Finish


There are two indistinguishable processes to completion.

The first is, oddly familiar, starting. Its correspondent, master at arms, and that of its best compliment are finishing which totals the cycle.

One denotes the two and with both a form is brought back down to rest.

Zero is the working man’s motto.

Here, there is no either/or. Nor neither/nor.

And is the answer; conjunction unifies.


For the longest while, I thought starting was the most difficult part.

It was already finished.

Ignition is simple; what we do after detonating is much trickier.

Self-discipline, consistent work, is all that is required.

Clean up and recovery takes longer than taste.

After choking on our first bite, clutter clears the wind pipe allowing breath room to flow.

Our messes will get smaller over time.

Either way, what we start, we must finish.

The cycle mandates it as such.


Image Source: Thank you, Andrew Hurley.