Digital Toolbox


The following are a collection of the tools that I use for Peregrine Poise and teaching others. Please let me know if you enjoy any of these resources.


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Tools 4 Travel:

Couchsurfing: Make friends around the world and sleep on their couch- or offer your living room to stranger and make a new friend. Without a doubt, the cheapest way to sleep around the world.

WikiTravel: Leave expensive and heavy travel guides at home. This free resource has become a favorite of mine to find great places to eat and sleep around the world.

Airbnb: Find luxury accommodation at bargain prices. An alternative to staying in expensive hotels in big cities.

AirAsia: The best (and cheapest) airline in Southeast Asia. I always use them!

Agoda: Fast and easy booking website for accommodation in Asia. I always use this site for booking at the last minute. Make sure you create an account if you will be using them often. Customers are rewarded with Agoda dollars that can be used for future purchases.


Tools 4 Autodidacts and Polymaths: 

NoExcuseList: This is the ultimate collection of self-education materials. Everything from programming to languages to DIY. Learning starts here.

Soil and Health Library: This is a free digital “public library” with a variety of free resources that focus on psychology, agriculture, health, and self-sufficiency.

Duolingo: Learn foreign languages for free: Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese are currently available. I am studying Italian currently.

Coursera: A free educational social network where you can learn topics from Synapses, Neurons, and Brains to Artificial Intelligence Planning to Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle. I try and take at least one course every three months.

Udacity:  a simpler, more basic approach towards online education with huge growth potential. At the moment, they have significantly less courses than Coursera.

Khan Academy: over 3900 videos and growing, Khan Academy is trying to create a global classroom. This site is great for high school students.

Archive: The Internet Archive. You can find almost anything here.

Google Scholar: A researcher’s best friend

Open Culture: Free media and educational resources

edX: Not as extensive as Coursera or Udacity, with free courses from MIT and Harvard, edX looks promising.

Open Yale Course:  Various courses, old and new.

MIT Open Courseware: Everything you need to go to MIT for free. (Here, are 45 free MIT textbooks!)

Anki: Memorize everything, learn a language, increase your vocabulary, and  with these digital flashcards.

Reddit’s Ridiculously Free List of Knowledge and Skill You Can Learn Online: Wow. I wish my days were longer.

Pick The Brain: 101 Self-Improvement Resources


Tools 4 Your Body: Fitness/Exercise/Nutrition: Excellent site for ordering supplements and reading about basic nutrition and working out. An excellent resource to begin learning gymnastics. Their forum is excellent too!

NerdFitness: A great blog/community for Nerds who want to be healthy.

NoMeatAthelete: A great community of vegetarians, vegans, and those who abandon meat in the name of fitness.


Tools 4 Your Next Job Interview:

Preparing Your Resume: The Secrets To A (Close To) Perfect Resume)

Watch this video: The Power of Body Language by Amy Cuddy (TED Talk)

The Do’s and Dont’s of a Job Interview (Plus: Questions You Must Ask Your Interviewer!)


Tools 4 Living A Mobile Life In The Clouds:

Dropbox: This tool is awesome. Dropbox gives you 2GB of free storage that you can access from anywhere.

Spotify: Free for PC users or pay $10 a month for unlimited access on all your devices. This is a music-lover’s lifesaver.

Scribd: Books, books, books without all the weight. Currently, $9 a month.

Google Drive: Helps with easy email storage on the go.

iCloud: Storage for my iPad and iPhone- this one is essential for a Mac user.


Essential iPhone Apps:

Pulse: This is the best way to read blogs on the go.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: The best dictionary app in my opinion. I use this religiously.

Podcasts: This free app is no longer included in Apple’s pre-installed app arsenal, but it is wonderful for listening to shows like TED Radio Hour.


Essential iPad Apps:

Pocket: This app keeps me sane. It helps me store great articles that I find online. It is similar to Marco Arment’s Instapaper.

iTunes U: The future of education for Apple owners

TED Books: This is where I read books from some of my favorite TED talks.


Extra Money:

Elance: get freelancers to finish your work or get paid to do someone else’s job.

Gigzon: Make from $1 to $100