Why You Can Do It, You Have To Do It, And You Must Do It

Do dream.

“All the things that are worth doing, take time.”

-Mos Def

You can do it.

You can make your dreams come true.

You can get into that Ivy League school.

You can start your own business, work for yourself, and become your own boss.

You can travel anywhere and everywhere.

You can start saving the world, today.

You can make your dreams come true.

Who says you can’t?

Stop listening to the doubters. You know, the people always fussing, making more noise than necessary, telling people the world is flat.

Here’s an alternative: find supporters. These are the quiet people who will tell you anything is possible.

Find a few believers or take it upon yourself to create your own support network: The Network of Doing The Impossible.

Prove them wrong (all the people that said, “You can’t.”). Show them how to live a life worth living (all those people feeling sorry for themselves). Carve your own path into the history of world (show them that anything is possible).

The point is…. you might be sitting there, reading this, thinking about how you are going to change the world.

The question you need to be asking yourself is: What am I doing to change the world?

Thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two worlds apart.

You have to do it.

No one is going to do it for you.

They are too busy doing things for themselves, walking their own paths, making footsteps across the uncharted terrain of life.

Even the saints and sages are busy trying to make the world a better place.

They aren’t sitting around, wishing, and waiting for God to perform his miracles. They are out in the world willing them.

There is only one person that can offer the world what it needs to make your dreams come true.


Only you have the unique abilities that will fulfill your desires and satisfy your many tastes. Only you know what needs to be done. Only you can give the world what it needs. The task may seem daunting, but in return the world will grant your wishes.

You must offer yourself to the world and let it judge your worth: your work.

Now is the time to get started.

The beginning of your work commences when you start doing something useful for the world. You have to give it something. You must leave your mark.

If you don’t start doing it now, you are going to be doing it later.

Or worse,

If you never try, how will you ever know about that wonderful life waiting for you?

It’s waiting for you right now, so start doing it.

Only you have the ideas that will transform your life, fulfill your dreams, change the world, and make it a better place, a better place for you and everyone else.

You must do it.

The laws of nature could not be clearer. The buried acorn must fight through the soil to reach the sunlit surface, only then can it grow into the mighty oak. The eaglet isn’t born able to fly. It must develop strength beforehand. It learns to stretch, expand, and contract its wings. It learns to fall down and the importance of getting back up. Before the eaglet matures into an adult eagle it will consistently try, again and again, to fly. Once the eagle has matured, it must continue its education, the practice of staying afloat, balancing itself against the angry winds of resistance.

Nothing in life stagnates. The inner currents of nature constantly flow; this is the law. The Earth spins, gushing rivers rush, bamboo forests bend, and even the most subtle winds, unbeknownst to us, can push an ant off course. Everything changes, including you. You will change, for better or worse, it depends on you.

No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through the process of making your dreams come true.

No one will give you a Golden Ticket.

It requires falling down and getting back up and falling down again. Are you able to get back up time and time again?

Mistakes are ingrained into the process of becoming successful and the rewards that follow. Just like the little sapling trying not to snap against torrential winds, outlasting the storms of our struggles will make us stronger.

No one is begging you to be the next Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or Tom Brady. Other people are too busy trying to become the next superstar, the second Steve Jobs, or build the next Google. The don’t have time to worry about your needs or care about your dreams. To be honest, they would prefer if you didn’t try at all; competition seeps the marketplace. They would rather you work for them and help them accomplish their dreams then worry about racing you to the top of the ladder.

No one will make your dreams come true except you.

The only thing separating you from the people you admire is they had the guts, courage, and will to try to achieve greatness and never give up.

Just as the eagle is meant to fly and the acorn is destined to transform itself into a mighty oak, nature calls us to greater transformations than we can ever imagine. Something in us, perhaps our Higher nature, is urging us to fly, to soar with wings of action, and to do the work we are meant to do: the kind that will save the world, the kind that will save our souls and bring peace to our hearts.

Following this urge will make you happy. This is the answer to the endless search of trying to find yourself. This will make all your dreams come true.

What is holding you back?

Aren’t your dreams at least worth trying for?

The only person stopping you right now is yourself.

Stop blaming everyone else; stop blaming it on your lack of resources; stop complaining and take responsibility for your life and its results.

Push the box out of the way and get to work!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

-Walt Disney

About Stephan Stansfield

Stephan is the owner, creator, and editor of Peregrine Poise.
He is currently traveling and teaching around the world. When he is not helping others discover their true potential, he finds time to surf, read, and reflect on the important issues of living a good life.


  1. Michelle Johnson says

    Hi Stephan,
    I just discovered your site. Love it. Inspirational! I’ll look forward to reading more. Are you teaching in Chiang Mai by chance?

    My very best to you,


    • Stephan Stansfield says

      Hey Michelle!

      I am still teaching in Chiang Mai and loving every minute of it.

      Glad to hear that you like the site. It’s a constant work of progress.

      Were you interested in teaching in Chiang Mai?

      Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help. I’d love to do what I can.

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